ARCHITECTURAL CERAMICS - Consultancy - Design Service - Surfaces
by Tümay ERMAN

Tumay's ceramic wall sculptures, murals are a contemporary take on the ancient traditions of architectural adornment and combine a modern design.

Approach with superb craftsmanship and artistic sensibility. The fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics results in timeless designs that lend themselves to both contemporary and more classical architecture.

All Architectural works are hand sculpted clay by ceramic sculptor, Tumay Erman glazed fired 1100 C-1240C to vitreous state, meaning they are extremely strong and durable for outdoor and indoor conditions.


Tumay has experience in design and development of prototypes for bespoke art works, special projects and architectural installations. This experience includes the creation of shapes and surfaces, clay models, mould making, quality control and combining different materials in the process of application of these products such as metal, glass etc.

Design service

All artwork is designed and tailored to individual clients’ needs and taste. After initial meetings and site visits, Tumay offers a selection of designs that take into account the aesthetics of the site as well as the concept of the design.


In consideration with the client, a colour range is either selected from the existing palette or a new, custom palette is developed for a specific application.

The glazes are mixed with our glazes recipes and a set of glaze tests is performed to ensure consistency and quality of the final product.