Tumay Erman - ART Studio

As Tumay Erman Art Studio 14 years runned after the Caribbean island, now opening and meet with all art lovers February 2017 in Izmir. We would like to welcome all art lovers including children who we believe by using the therapeutic way of clay and 3 D art, we will help them to discover their creativity. In the meantime, we aim to teach art techniques to them.

The primary missions of Tumay Erman Art Studio are threefold:

  • To bring color to our students lives; create a positive energy and peace.
  • To help our children and youth to use their imagination, which is crucial for their psychological developments.
  • With the help of fun ways and technical discipline of art, to play a positive role on our students’ most important characteristics such as perseverance, confidence and conscious in which affects their emotional developments directly.
  • On another note, we especially focus on children’s English language skills and gaining capability of public speaking.
  • I am planning to become a part of social projects, which will be supported by local and international artists as well as big corporation funds. My concept is “Art Saves Lives “in Izmir, this path will also support people and art capable students in need


It‘s time to discover the world of inspiration and Creativity!!! Some artist are born some artist are made I‘ll help you to bring out the Artist in you with my classes

From now on learn the art of making, CERAMİC SCULPTURE POTTERY & ART CRAFT at Tumay Erman's studio. You can Create your own decorative, functional and artistic ceramic works in our beautiful biggest fully equipped Studio in Ataşehir Çigli/İZMİR NOW!!!!! Classes are generally geared for beginner and intermediate students. Advanced potters may attend classes and work at their own pace or may be offered opportunities to participate in special workshops designed to support their continued growth.

All group classes must have 4 students to run. We will let you know 1-week out if your class is canceled due to low enrollment.