Show at La Pier’s marble Gallery in Hope Estate

Show at La Pier’s Marble Gallery - La Pier’s Marble Gallery Hope Estate
December 18th, 2014

Show at La Pier’s marble Gallery in Hope Estate

A group exhibition curated by  Patrick Lapierre
The exhibition includes both sculptural and utilitarian objects by many well-known artists in the field;

Turkish born Tumay Erman is one of the artist who will be exhibiting four of her sculptures are made from clay used by hand building techniques fired 1240C. Tumay’s recent work has been mixed with zircon, copper wires and glass pieces fused in to clay. She is fascinated by and likes to play with construction and textures, she says; she want her glazed surfaces to shift from solid to segmented, clink in a breeze and take the viewer by surprise…

The works of other artists such a Chedie Richardson, Frederic Massai and Douglas Hezelton also be on display at the gallery. Come out for a night of art conference “An introduction to Contemporary Art “by F.Poiriee Nkpa.