EKİNOX - D'art Gallery İstanbul
September 8th - October 2nd, 2016


The sun is life, the source of life, the light of earth, taken into the sky and so in fact, as it does every morning "comes again". By the power of the light the enemy of darkness reborns every morning, rises above the clouds and goes down from the sky with shining lights through its crown.. and promises a circle.

In all known ancient times - with Tammuz in Mesopotamia, Osiris in Ancient Egypt, Attis in Anatolia, Demeter in Greece - the sun has arisen at every turn. It born, died and risen again and again… Every last has conceived to a new beginning. In the time of the soul, each labour pain went in a circle for its own conversion.

The transformation of nature is heralding itself in art. From past to present, the epic reflection of a rich heritage which was shaped by earth is coming to light. D'art artists are exchanging yesterday to today and the clay is spring to life with a fantastic language once again...

Harvest begins at D'art Gallery.